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    What Just Happened?


    Have you ever said that? 

    When you come to a point in your life where something happens, and it interrupts or disrupts you in such a way that you are left wondering what just happened?

    The person, experience, circumstance or event wakes you to something is not right! 

    You realize you are not living the life you want,you’re not living the relationship you want, or you’re not making the money you want, or your health is not where you want it to be.

    Something’s off!

    And you come to a sort of crossroads in your mind where you feel like you have to make a Choice. 

    Old ways and new ways


    You can either choose safety, which will continue causing more pain, disappointment, anger, and shame Or you can choose to step out of your comfort and into a new opportunity.

    To discover who you really are, experience the prosperity, the peace of mind and the freedom of living a life you were always meant to live.
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    Use this exercise to discover and deepen your awareness by becoming clear on why you know what to do, and yet you are not doing it.

    And, more importantly, how to stop doing what is stopping you and immediately start doing what will give you your desired results.

    As obvious as this may seem, most people are unconscious to “why” they do the things they do and what doing those things are really costing them.

    To begin, it is important to know that as human beings we never do anything repeatedly that we are not getting some reward, benefit or payoff from.

    A Payoff is the benefit, reward, or gain you get for being the way you’ve been being. (unconsciously or consciously)

    The Cost is what it actually costs you to run that pattern of behavior. 

    The Real Cost affects us on 3 Levels of Understanding. Spiritually, Mentally & Physically.

    The bottom line is whatever the payoffs are you are getting; there is a cost in each of the above areas of your life.
    By slowing down, you can discover how much greater the cost is then the payoff.

    The truth will set you Free.

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    Here’s an important secret... by doing this exercise you will discover the hidden truth to what you’re really attached to, that is a Blind Spot to what is stopping you. 

    Then and only then will you have the clarity to freely choose what is right for you.  🙂

    With love & respect, 


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