Post By Mia Hewett


    “The Money Channel on BYL Network, Inc. presents a new series called “Inside the Minds of Leaders.” Hosted by successful Executive Coach/ Speaker/Mentor Mia Hewett.

    Join us in the conversation as we go inside the minds of leaders, to discover how the leaders see themselves and their circumstances, or the circumstances of others that then has them take the actions, that give them desired results.
    The idea is that instead of us looking for a great leader, we find the great leader in ourselves.
    The show begins airing on Monday, January 4th on BYL Network’s Money Channel at

    A few of the leaders who we will be showcasing:

    • President of Terra, Award Winning Premier Real Estate Developer, David Martin
    • Co-creator of the World’s Largest Solo Practitioner of Orthodontics Tracy Kawa
    • Undefeated MMA Fighter Daniel Puder
    • Described by the NY Times as a Relationship Expert Master Consultant Martin Calderon Cohen
    • Bestselling Author of “Mastering Vitality” Dr. Linell King
    • Financial Expert with regular appearances on Telemundo & Univision Ithamar Urdaneta
    • Famous Artist Jeffrey Lew who was written up in “Vanity Fair” “The New Yorker” and “The Paris Review.”