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    (Interview) What If Fear Is Not What’s Really Stopping You? Claim the Stage!

    I am super excited to share with you my interview with Angela Lussier CEO + Founder of “Speaker Sisterhood” and the Host of the “Claim the Stage” Podcast.  (click the image above to watch)

    If you have ever wanted to speak on a stage or present an idea in front of a group, you will love this interview!

    What if I told you that fear is Not what is really stopping you?
    What if I told you it is what’s behind your fear that is stopping you?

    Listen in as I share with you my “Four Powerful Steps on How to go from Surviving to Thriving in Life and on Stage!” (click the image above to watch) 

    I’d love to hear your thoughts!
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    Post By Mia Hewett

    10 Things you don’t know about me…

    Post By Mia Hewett

    1 Thing I am Loving Right Now…

    I am thrilled to be attending the “Think and Grow Rich World Premier” on October 14th in Los Angeles hosted by the Napoleon Hill Foundation along with Bob Proctor.

    If by chance you have never heard of “Think and Grow Rich” it was written by Napoleon Hill who was born into poverty in 1883. His mother died when he was only 10 years old. He then became rebellious only to later find his way by dedicating 25 years of his life to interviewing over 500 of the most successful people. People like Thomas Edison, Alexander Graham Bell, Henry Ford, Theodore Roosevelt, John D. Rockefeller and much more, to find a success formula that anyone can use to become wealthy.

    This book was and is instrumental in how I went from surviving to thriving! It plays an integral part in how I see the world and coach others to see theirs!

    “Whatever your mind can conceive and believe it can achieve.”- Napoleon Hill

    If you have read the book, and are not yet living your riches, schedule a time to talk here to discover what you are missing.

    Anyone else going? Let me know… I would love to connect with you while I am in LA next week. To attend event go here.

    What are your thoughts? I would love to hear them…

    You are Incredible. It is time to start living it. 

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    The Dirtiest 4 Letter Word that’s keeping you stuck…


     Are you playing full out? Or holding back? 

    One of my favorite things in life is supporting people in finding their natural, often hidden, talent and abilities to have quantum leaps in their performance and results.  You being fully self-expressed and acting at your highest potential- Is Priceless! 

    Life does not get much better than that…for either of us. Right?

    Yet, I see so many people shrinking from being seen. Business owners or entrepreneurs holding back.  Those wanting to rise in their careers, hiding or staying safe on the sidelines. I know, I used to be there too!


    What if I told you it has nothing to do with intelligence? Or Not knowing what to do? Or not having enough information. We have Google. 🙂

    What if I told you that you had been programmed into these behaviors, and patterns of belief until they seem normal to you?  So much so that you think it is who you are!

    It’s Not.

    Most of us were taught, by well-meaning parents, a dirty four letter word that keeps us from our potential.
    You were taught the most important thing in life… is for you to be “safe.” 

    How many times were you told as a child “Be Careful!” “Don’t get hurt!” Or maybe for you, they didn’t say anything. They didn’t have to.  They just gave you a look… you know that look that says “What is wrong with you!?” or “Don’t you ever do that again!?”

    Another example, how many of you were taught that worry meant love? That when someone worries about you, it is because they love you? When the truth is that worrying about someone and loving them is not the same. Worry comes from the state of mind of survival and is an attempt to control.  Love comes from the state of mind of well-being and in trusting more life.

    These are polar opposite states of minds.  By the law of cause and effect, they create polar opposite experiences and therefore have polar opposite results.  Do you see how big that is? 

    So, Why is this important?

    The truth is you were born to be Successful yet; you are programmed to stay the same.

    Your programming is wired to value security over thriving.  To value avoiding making mistakes, overtaking on risks or discovering new opportunities.  To look for what is wrong vs. whats right.  Yet, you have an inner desire for growth and expansion to be more, do more, and have more.  This is why you suffer. 

    You have an inner conflict inside of you between wanting to do what is the so-called “right thing,” the “safe thing,” the “responsible thing” vs. what would give you more life, more well-being!  You can feel trapped feeling not good enough or wrong for wanting more. 

    How do you Play Bigger? 

    You can only grow bigger by being larger than your present place. 

    Let me explain…In the animal world, an evolution of species is caused by the excess of life. When an organism has more life than it can express in its functions of its own plane, it develops the organs of a higher plane, and a new species is born.

    Consider the importance of this. There would have never been a new species had there not been organisms willing to expand more than their filled planes. They would have simply died off.  The truth is in life, we are either growing or dying. The lie is we think we have plateaued.

    Here is my simple process in Choosing To Grow Bigger:

    1) Visualize and hold a clear mental image of what you want (That is greater than your present place).

    2) Claim your desire. You must claim it is already yours even if you do not know how. 

    3) Give Up what you are holding onto that has you stay the same. 

    4)  Be willing to do what is required to grow into your fulfillment of your desire. 

    When we apply this process of choosing to grow bigger and expand to get what we want, the HOW will come in the form of an opportunity, much as this email did with an invite to a discovery call.
    What is important to recognize is that it comes for a brief moment (less than 5 seconds) and if you do not take action the moment passes and you go back to avoiding, hiding, being numb or attacking. 

    Here is your opportunity to discover what is in your way from achieving what you want. Click Here.

    What are your thoughts? I’m speaking about this on my Facebook Page today (Wednesday) at 12 pm (EST). I’ll be there answering your questions…drop on by so we can chat!

    You are Incredible. It is time to start living it. 

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    Post By Mia Hewett

    Entrepreneur Magazine said…




    …in a recent article how the fear of failure can ruin your business and undermine your ability to succeed.  So True!

    How?  The author goes on to explain that by having a fear of failure:

    1. It’s forcing you to play it safe
    2. It’s blocking you off from an abundant path
    3. It’s limiting your chances to scale your business
    4. It’s capping your potential to earn more money
    5. It’s creating an unhealthy force that’s impacting every area of your life

    The Solution? The author (who is a software engineer) advises to associating enough pain with the alternative of what would happen if you don’t take action and achieve your goals.

    Here are my thoughts:

    Consider this question: Isn’t living without what you want already a failure?
    And as someone who used to feel inadequate, and went on to co-own a multimillion-dollar Insurance Company and still felt inadequate I can honestly say the lie is in thinking “If I were just successful, then I would feel good enough. Then I will arrive, right?”


    I have known many successful people who do not feel good enough.

    The truth is those feelings of inadequacies, and not good enough do not go away until we deal with them. I can show you how.
    I always say there is “No Freedom From Only Freedom In” going into what is stopping you.
    The joy, freedom, and fulfillment you are looking will come as result of you deciding to grow bigger than what is stopping you, not before. 

    Lastly, in my direct experience, it is not the fear of failure that stops most of us, it is the shame and guilt that our fear hides. When you complete your feeling of being inadequate from your mind and heal your shame and guilt, then your possibilities are truly limitless!

    Here is a message I got from a client after our VIP Intensive session.

    100% of our VIP Intensive sessions have produce results!
    For those ready to stop feeling inadequate and willing to claim your power and results! Schedule a time to talk here.

    You can read the full article here:

    What are your thoughts? I’m speaking about this on my Facebook Page today (Wednesday) at 12 pm (EST). I’ll be there answering your questions…drop on by so we can chat!

    You are Incredible. It is time to start living it. 

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