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    Entrepreneur Magazine said…




    …in a recent article how the fear of failure can ruin your business and undermine your ability to succeed.  So True!

    How?  The author goes on to explain that by having a fear of failure:

    1. It’s forcing you to play it safe
    2. It’s blocking you off from an abundant path
    3. It’s limiting your chances to scale your business
    4. It’s capping your potential to earn more money
    5. It’s creating an unhealthy force that’s impacting every area of your life

    The Solution? The author (who is a software engineer) advises to associating enough pain with the alternative of what would happen if you don’t take action and achieve your goals.

    Here are my thoughts:

    Consider this question: Isn’t living without what you want already a failure?
    And as someone who used to feel inadequate, and went on to co-own a multimillion-dollar Insurance Company and still felt inadequate I can honestly say the lie is in thinking “If I were just successful, then I would feel good enough. Then I will arrive, right?”


    I have known many successful people who do not feel good enough.

    The truth is those feelings of inadequacies, and not good enough do not go away until we deal with them. I can show you how.
    I always say there is “No Freedom From Only Freedom In” going into what is stopping you.
    The joy, freedom, and fulfillment you are looking will come as result of you deciding to grow bigger than what is stopping you, not before. 

    Lastly, in my direct experience, it is not the fear of failure that stops most of us, it is the shame and guilt that our fear hides. When you complete your feeling of being inadequate from your mind and heal your shame and guilt, then your possibilities are truly limitless!

    Here is a message I got from a client after our VIP Intensive session.

    100% of our VIP Intensive sessions have produce results!
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    You can read the full article here:

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    You are Incredible. It is time to start living it. 

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    4 Steps For Making Accurate Decisions

    I wanted to share with you a TedTalk I am loving right now by Billionaire Ray Dalio!
    Ray Dalio is the founder of Bridgewater Associates, one of the World’s Largest Hedge Fund Companies.

    Ray’s talk is on “How to build a company where the best ideas win.”  In it, Ray makes a really strong case for using radical transparency as a way of doing business.  What that looks like is it creates a culture whereby people feel free to speak up, say what they really think, even call people out, even if it’s the Boss! Ray then takes this information and produces it into an actual algorithm whereby the company then uses to make accurate decisions.

    Why is this important?
    It is this strategy that Ray attributes to helping him create one of the most successful hedge fund companies in the world. Watch TedTalk 

    Why should you care? 

    Ray explains how he used to make a lot of painful mistakes, and how he changed that was by first changing his attitude about the meaning he gave these mistakes. He started to think…what if they were just puzzles, and if he could just solve the puzzles?
    Then these puzzles would give him gems.

    From these puzzles (mistakes), he would ask himself “What would I do differently in the future?” (so I won’t make that painful mistake)
    From that question, he would then get all the gems, which he calls principles, and those principles are what he used to build Bridgewater Associates into the world class company it is today.

    How did he do that? He took the gems, his principles, and embedded them into his software program which allowed his computers to make decisions along with him and his employees. Ray could then see the comparison from his decisions to what the algorithm gem would decide, and the algorithm was was a lot better.


    1) It was faster

    2) More Accurate

    3) Was less emotional

    This radically improved his companies accurate decision making.

    Why does this matter? 

    In my direct experience, “Our need to be right is one of our greatest hindrances to our Success.”- Mia

    I know because it was my greatest hindrance and I was blind to it.  Because I was so afraid to look stupid or be wrong, I would make silly mistakes or pretend I knew what I was talking about even when I didn’t. In my past, to be wrong, felt like a death.
    Only when a coach helped me see it, could I access it, and shifting it.

    Take a look in your life... where do you experience frustration, anger, irritation?
    What are you needing to be right about?
    What does that cost you Emotionally? Financially? Spiritually? Physically? Mentally?
    How can this support you? 

    By being willing to be radically transparent with yourself, you can begin getting to the source of what is really stopping you.

    Like Ray, you may have your emotional opinions about what you think is the right thing to do yet, unless you have an advance software program with built in algorithms to give you accurate feedback, consider using a trusted source.
    Find a trusted master coach who is trained to see the patterns you’re not seeing, and knows how to support you in shifting them quickly.
    Then, like Ray’s company, you’ll get your results faster, more accurately, and with less negative emotion!

    Here are my 4 Steps To Implement:

    1) Take your painful mistakes and change the meaning of them.
    2) Take a look in your life
    • Where do you experience frustration, anger, irritation?
    • Ask yourself what are you needing to be right about? 
    • What does that cost you Emotionally? Financially? Spiritually? Physically? Mentally?
    • Ask yourself What would give me the result I want?
    • Who would I need to BE to get that result?
    3) Consider using a trusted source.

    It was a coach who helped me see the gems of my mistakes, and my need to be right. Find a trusted master coach who is trained to see the patterns, you’re not seeing, and knows how to support you in shifting them quickly.
    4) Your work is to implement now the principles that you discover.

    Based on your mistakes, the gems in your life, your work is to turn them into principles you can use as your guide to becoming your own algorithm, for making consistent, accurate decisions.

     Then, like Ray’s company, you will get faster results, more accurately, and with less negative emotion! 

    If you need additional support go here to: schedule a FREE 45 Minute No-Pitch Session.

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    You are Incredible. It is time to start living it.

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    What Wealth Is And How To Get It


    Oh Wow!
    Did my coaching client Alfred Zayas and I have an incredible VIP Intensive Session on Sunday!

    In it I guided him to see a fundamental mistake he has been making his whole life about wealth. THIS IS HUGE!

    He shares this realization with his team in the email below.  

    Enjoy! There is a ton of wisdom in it!

    With his permission… 

    He wrote: “I sent this to my team today….thank you!!!”

    “Good morning guys! I want you guys to really sit and meditate on this thought today…

    Where does security in business come from? 

    Most people think it comes from money, so they seek it out and because they aren’t making any, they lack security. They question whether they can be successful, if they can take care of their families, if they can make it in business. I struggled with this all the time in the beginning. That thought can consume you. “How can I recruit people if I’m not successful? If I’m not really making money?”

    Very valid questions I would say. 

    Here is the problem and also the solution. The problem is our perception of security. Where does security really come from?

    Are there people with money that lack security?


    If they gave you a million dollars today but you didn’t have the skills to acquire that money, you would still not have security. And in the contrary, if you take Bill Gates or anyone that has created wealth numerous times and remove their money, they would still have security. 

    See Money is not the cause of security, it is the effect.

    Security stems from within. From knowing you are capable of creating the wealth and desires you have within yourself. When we operate from that knowing, the money comes to us as an effect of our security in our abilities and ourself.

    We view the world in the complete opposite of how success is created.
    We believe what we see, and that creates more doubts in our minds because we don’t see what it is we want just yet.
    Success is actually created in the complete opposite of how we are taught to operate. It’s from the inside out, not the outside in. Successful people know they can’t see what they want to manifest if they don’t believe FIRST! They know what they believe, they will create, and so they spend countless hours working on their belief. 

    I know this is a little deep, but this is the game guys. Really ask yourselves this questions, “where does security stem from? Money? What if you make a ton and lose it all then what? Security comes from within you! No one or no amount of money will ever give you that. It comes from making a DECISION AND BASING YOUR ACTIONS FROM THAT POINT ON ON THAT DECISION. YOU ARE CAPABLE. GOD HAS GIVEN YOU ALL YOU NEED IN ORDER TO FEEL SECURE. WHEN YOU OPERATE FROM THAT KNOWING, MONEY AND SUCCESS WILL THEN FLOW TO YOU! 

    Go down the rabbit hole with me. Take some time and think about this today. I know we all at some point struggle with this. If you can really grasp this thought, it’ll free you.”

    – Alfred Zayas
    Senior Regional Leader Primerica
    Miami, FL

    Key Principle: Wealth is not about how much money we have as it is about us having the ability to master creating what we need, when we need it. It is in the self-mastery of knowing were capable which gives us our inner security.

    * Security is one of our 3 basic human needs.

    For those serious about having breakthroughs like Alfred’s having and quantum leaping your results! Schedule a time to talk here.

    What are your thoughts? I’m speaking about this on my Facebook Page today (Wednesday) at 12 pm (EST). I’ll be there answering your questions…drop on by so we can chat!

    You are Incredible. It is time to start living it. 

    With love & respect, 


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    Why “Trying Harder” does not work and what to do instead…

    Price Pritchett tells a great story of a small fly he witnessed burning out the last of its short life in a futile attempt to fly through a glass windowpane.  The noise of his wings whining tell the fly’s poignant story of the fly’s strategy—- try harder! 

    No matter how hard he tried, nothing was working.  

    What is fascinating to me is the irony that the struggle is part of the trap! 

    It is impossible for the fly to try harder to succeed in breaking through the glass and yet the insect has staked its life on it by trying to use raw effort and sheer determination. 

    Why is this important?

    Because this fly will die trying harder and yet ten steps away is an open door. 

    With a lot less effort the fly could free itself from this self-imposed trap.

    Yet, the solution would first require that the fly be open and willing to finding the easy way. 

    Why doesn’t the fly try a different approach? Try something dramatically different? 

    And how did it get so fixed on the idea that the only way was through sheer determination and will?

    No doubt this strategy makes sense to the fly and yet it is this idea that will kill him. 

     In supporting, entrepreneurs and high performers getting to their next level, one of the biggest problems I see that keeps them stuck is their mindset. They believe that there is more value in them “Trying Harder” and figuring it out. That it is more important to do it yourself, solve the problem yourself, not ask for help and be “self-made.” Like the fly, their mind is lying to themselves that if they just push harder against the obstacle, it might break.  

     Please note…Trying harder is not the same as taking persistent and consistent aligned actions. The fly (and the entrepreneurs) are taking ineffective actions, not getting their results, and just try harder at doing the wrong actions.  They inevitably give up and ‘die’ trying.  

    Those that get to their next level develop a new awareness, create a highly effective mindset that works from a bigger vision, are willing to give up how they think it should look, and are open and willing to doing what’s required to achieve their result.  

    Where in your life are you being like the fly?  What doors are open that will lead you where you want to go? What would you need to give up to go there?

    I help people find the doors, and their lives transform.   

    What are your thoughts? I’m speaking about this on my Facebook Page today (Wednesday) at 12pm (EST). I’ll be there answering your questions…drop on by so we can chat!

    You are Incredible. It is time to start living it. 

    With love & respect, 


     P.S. For those serious about getting to your next level schedule a time to talk here. 

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    The Story of Two Girls

    I wanted to share with you a true story about two friends I’ve known since childhood.

    These two friends were both born in the US and raised in Venezuela. They both grew up together, went to school together. They were both likable girls, and I got along with both of them very well.

    Both of these girls had identical childhoods.  They both had dreams and desires, and they both had ambitions to be, do, and have all of life’s successes! They were both morally good, and cared a lot about animals as well as the well-being of people around them!  

    They both were willing and driven to overcome whatever obstacles and challenges came their way!

    They both had parents who divorced; both endured degrees of being poor.  And As far as their skills-sets were concerned their potential, was evenly matched. In fact, you could say they were almost identical in every way.

    Every way except one… the different paths they took, and where those paths ended up.

    The first friend really wanted people to like her.  She always wanted to do the “right things” and was constantly second-guessing herself. She was always afraid of what people thought of her, so she played life “really” safe.

    You could say, she didn’t really play life at all for she always stayed on the sidelines watching others play. Eventually, she got beat up in middle school by another girl that misinterpreted her shyness for being stuck up. She later, went on to marry a man that felt safe and who would make a good father.  That is until he eventually was no longer safe and they divorced, and she went back to having nothing.  

    My other friend went on to find her voice.  She became really popular although she never tried to be. She was authentic and held herself with high regard. She started working when she was thirteen years old and later went on to own and operate a multiple seven figure Insurance Company. She supported and mentored young girls who were at risk from dropping out of school and taught them valuable life skills to become self-sufficient.  She too divorced and today her life as been filled with many adventures and successes! She has an incredible partner and is happy beyond measure!  She still stays in touch with her childhood friend.

    In fact, they are very close.

    I often think of them, because I could have been either one of them.

    In fact, I was.

    Both of those people, the Successful One, and the Failure, are me.

    I have had many successes and failures and what separates my successful self from my unsuccessful self, is a Mindset Shift.

    A mindset shift that changed what I repeatedly do.

    For me, it did not happen overnight, and it was a long, slow road that, at times, was a painful roller-coaster ride without a steering wheel! I didn’t know back then the importance of clarity, focus, mindset, direction and having a support system to achieve results.

     My life is dedicated to supporting you own your voice without the struggle.  The result is confidence, self-love and having a solid message that makes more money, working less. To schedule a free 1 on 1 breakthrough session, click here. 

    You are Incredible. Time to start living it. 

    Yours in Success,


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