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    How to Recognize Opportunities that will Transform Your Life


    4 Questions to Ask Yourself for Greater Clarity

    To be able to recognize opportunities that would transform my life and results, I first had to learn how my mind worked.

    If you are at all like I was, I used to think that what I saw with my eyes was Reality. When the Truth is what we see is our own interpretation of Reality. Our interpretation is coming from images we have stored in our subconscious mind based on decisions we often made before 7 years old.

    *This is how you can grow up in the same household as your siblings or parents and have the same experiences yet see them completely different!

    Why is this important?

    Because your current subconscious programming will not allow you to see an opportunity.

    Napoleon Hill said: “When the opportunity came, it appeared in a different form, and from a different direction than Barnes ( a man he is speaking about) had expected.”

    That is one of the tricks of opportunity. It has a sly habit of slipping in by the back door, and often it comes disguised in the form of misfortune, or temporary defeat. Perhaps this is why so many fail to recognize an opportunity.”

    Consider then, what you desire right now is already here, yet your current programming will not let you see it.  

    The opportunity for the partner you would like to have is right here. The opportunity for more money either through new partnerships, new clients, or new increases in wages, is right here.  The opportunity for a thriving, healthy body, is right here.  The opportunity to be more self-expressed, and own your life, is right here. You just can’t see it.

    So, how do we see it?

    You have to start by viewing what you see, differently.

    Ask yourself these 4 distinguishing questions to bring greater clarity to recognizing your opportunity right now:

    1) Is it something you want to Be, Do or Have?

    2) Is it taking you closer to what you want or further away?

    3) Is it in harmony with Universal Law of Expanding Life?

    4) What is required for you to act, right now, on this opportunity?

    *Notice in the above questions that time & money are not necessary/or required to act on an opportunity.  What is required is you being open and willing to do whatever it takes to achieve the fulfillment of the opportunity you desire.

    Once you have greater clarity, you will then be able to see the opportunities when they show up.

    Do you see the value of this skill-set?

    It’s like being lost in the jungle and finding that you were standing next to a path that leads you out, every time!

    With love & respect, 


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    Post By Mia Hewett

    If I started all over again, I’d implement this simple truth…


    The simplest things can make the biggest difference. Sometimes they seem so simple we want to ignore them.
    Here is the simple truth: Do the hard things first and your life becomes easier.

    What areas of your life are hard? What would be possible for you and your life if it was easy?

    “When I do the hard things first, my life becomes easy. When I do the easy things first, my life becomes hard.”- Mia 

    The irony is that I used to believe the opposite.
    The truth is getting everything you want is in direct proportion to your ability to make decisions and follow through on them.
    Sit with that for a minute.

    The Latin root of the word decision literally means, “to cut off.” Making a decision is about “cutting off” from any other course of action.

    I used to ask everyone else what was important to them or what they wanted before I would make a decision. What was a Blind Spot to me back then was that I was making the easy choice which was not to make a decision, and to be likable, or get others approval. Rather than the hard choice which was to claim my power, decide, and accept that others may not approve. The outcome was that by not making decisions I stayed stuck in getting the same results for years.

    In the early 1900’s in his famous book “Think and Grow Rich” Napoleon Hill interviewed 700 of the World’s Most Successful People who had accumulated fortunes of over 1 Million Dollars. All of them had a habit of promptly reaching decisions and then changing them, if at all, Slowly.

    Whereby those he interviewed who failed to accumulate success all had a habit of making decisions very slowly, if at all, and then changing them Quickly and Often.

    Can you see how radically different your outcomes would be if you had the decision making habit of the World’s Most Successful People?

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    Check In: What is your habit of making decisions? Which of the following do you do?

    • One minute you decide to breakthrough and then the next minute a circumstance comes up, and you decide “I can’t do this!”
    • One minute you decide you’re going to make the phone call you know you need to make, and the next minute you decide I can’t make the call or it’s not the “right time.”
    • One minute you decide to make an appointment and get support and the next minute you decide to cancel the appointment and figure it out yourself.
    • One minute you decide something is important to you and the next minute you talk yourself out of it.
    • One minute you decide you are going open yourself up to be available in a relationship and the next minute you justifying why there are no good men/women out there.
    • One minute you decide you are going to take action and the next minute you decide you are stuck.
    • One minute you decide you want to create more freedom in your life the next minute you decide you are overwhelmed, frustrated, and ready to give up!
    • And on, and on.

    The bottom line is: the easy thing to do is to keep changing your mind, staying comfortable. The hard thing to do (that will become easy) is to accept the truth about where in your life are you not deciding.

    For as long as we believe that anything outside of ourself has power over us, we diminish our ability to get a different result. 

    With love and respect,


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    What Just Happened?


    Have you ever said that? 

    When you come to a point in your life where something happens, and it interrupts or disrupts you in such a way that you are left wondering what just happened?

    The person, experience, circumstance or event wakes you to something is not right! 

    You realize you are not living the life you want,you’re not living the relationship you want, or you’re not making the money you want, or your health is not where you want it to be.

    Something’s off!

    And you come to a sort of crossroads in your mind where you feel like you have to make a Choice. 

    Old ways and new ways


    You can either choose safety, which will continue causing more pain, disappointment, anger, and shame Or you can choose to step out of your comfort and into a new opportunity.

    To discover who you really are, experience the prosperity, the peace of mind and the freedom of living a life you were always meant to live.
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    Use this exercise to discover and deepen your awareness by becoming clear on why you know what to do, and yet you are not doing it.

    And, more importantly, how to stop doing what is stopping you and immediately start doing what will give you your desired results.

    As obvious as this may seem, most people are unconscious to “why” they do the things they do and what doing those things are really costing them.

    To begin, it is important to know that as human beings we never do anything repeatedly that we are not getting some reward, benefit or payoff from.

    A Payoff is the benefit, reward, or gain you get for being the way you’ve been being. (unconsciously or consciously)

    The Cost is what it actually costs you to run that pattern of behavior. 

    The Real Cost affects us on 3 Levels of Understanding. Spiritually, Mentally & Physically.

    The bottom line is whatever the payoffs are you are getting; there is a cost in each of the above areas of your life.
    By slowing down, you can discover how much greater the cost is then the payoff.

    The truth will set you Free.

    *To Access this free training fill in your name and email above. 

    Here’s an important secret... by doing this exercise you will discover the hidden truth to what you’re really attached to, that is a Blind Spot to what is stopping you. 

    Then and only then will you have the clarity to freely choose what is right for you.  🙂

    With love & respect, 


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    The Common Blind Spot that keeps you from what you want!

    Two hands in chains that are breaking apart.

    “The truth is we cannot give people Authority over Our Life & Thrive in Our Life at the same time.” – Mia

    One of the most common Blind Spots I see is the Roles we accepted as children that we believe our Truths. 

    Check In: What role do you play? (either consciously or unconsciously) That someone, you viewed as an Authority, said to you that

    keeps you from living your highest potential and being confident?

     i.e. The Rebel, The Slob, The Sensitive One, The Pleaser, The Fighter, The Black Sheep, The Damaged One, The Invisible One, The Shy One, The Procrastinator, The Dumb One, The Smart One, The Misfit, The Angry One, The King, The Queen, The Comedian etc.

     For me, one way I got attention in my family was from being shy. (Shyness is who we become when we fear judgment)

    The Problem is: What would I have to believe about myself to be shy?

    “That what I have to say doesn’t matter. That I am weak because I am shy. That there is something wrong with me. That the only way I feel love is when someone else is taking care of me.” 

    Can you see how that role consistently stopped me every time I wanted to be my own boss?

    Every time I wanted a thriving Relationship? Can you see How that role would affect how much money I could make? 

    You see, The Truth is the role is not good or bad. For many of us, it is who we decided to be to survive, be safe, not rock the boat, keep some kind of connection, and most importantly to not feel alone.

    The lie we believe is that is just the way life is for us. 

    The payoff for this role is it keeps us safe. How do I know? Because you are still here. 🙂 And consider the role no longer serves you in the today’s of your life.

    What is the role really costing you?  

    How much money does this cost you in Business? In your Career? What does it cost you in your Relationships? In having the Relationships of your dream with the same person you are currently in a relationship with right now?

    In your relationship with yourself? How much do you trust yourself?

    What would be possible for you if you Break Free?

    Are you ready? 

    The Paradox is you must go through it alone, and yet you can not do it alone.  

    I can help. 

    With love & respect for what you have been through, 


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    My Blind Spot Breakthrough…

    Listen in as I share one of the biggest mistakes I used to make that kept me from my results. 

    And, more importantly, Why would knowing this will REALLY make a difference in your Relationships, Life, and Business.

    It’s about how I used to communicate…. or the lack of it.  Click the 3-minute video to watch!

     I had a problem.  

    WHY? I felt trapped….

    I felt like I either had to avoid the confrontation altogether

    Or I had to attack them first, by protecting and defending my position.

    In fact, Being wrong felt like death to me.

    I killed off many people in my lifetime….. because of this one misunderstanding… Sound familiar?

    Listen in on How I solved it and Why it will make a difference to you!  Click here

    Until next time Be Unstoppable!


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