Mia’s mission is “To empower people to their Greatness and be the leaders of their lives produces extraordinary results!”

    One of Mia’s favorite ways to help leaders is by discovering their blind spots that are holding them back from their next level by speaking at in-person events or virtually via tele classes, radio interviews and podcasts interviews. Mia is in high-demand speaking several times a month to various of ideal clients.

    Mia’s Topics

    The #1 Thing that stops people from taking Action……

    Uncover exactly which key fundamental is stopping you, and what you can do Now to unlock your power and achieve extraordinary results.

    Mia’s high-energy presentations will help you discover:

    • The Real Reason “Why” performance declines.
    • The #1 Secret to Being Adaptable.
    • The Top 5 Fundamental Mistakes Leaders make that effect performance.
    • The Fastest way to Lead Change.

    Regardless of what stage of business you are in If you are struggling with your performance, suffer from procrastination or routinely keep starting and stopping.

    These presentations will give you the missing pieces to the puzzle. Contact us

    Mia Hewett reveals how you can uncover the key fundamental that is stopping you, unlock your greatness, to be the leader of your life, and achieve unprecedented results.

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    “Mia is a great speaker; she connects with her audience immediately which allows them to have the opportunity for a breakthrough in their lives.”

    -Roy Assad, COO M&V Magazine

    “Mia I want to commend you, again on an incredible training! Your seminar was the perfect elixir to propel me to new levels in my game in the world. The information and training were so expertly presented I hope that you give this training again soon and that more can take advantage of this. Thank you for your gift of coaching and passion in of making a difference in people’s lives.”

    -Eric Levitt, Business Owner

    “I have been blessed to work alongside among the foremost leaders of the modern time and Mia Hewett stands out within her perspective of humanity, presentation, and pure commitment, in eliciting the best in people.
    Her presence inspires each group to levels of possibility and dialogue that consistently light up a room.
    Mia Hewett is a consummate professional in her unique ability to deliver, lead and facilitate her audience beyond all expectations.
    The overall experience of interacting with her is the feeling of being personally known and acknowledged for the essence of who you truly are.
    She is your personification of a leader among leaders!”

    -Martin Calderon Cohen, NY Times Master Consultant & Author of “Gender Balancing.”

    What a great presentation! It was Brilliant! You were right! It really gives you the tools of how to move forward and to really BE IN THE NOW & ON TASK!

    -Carmen Martinez, Regional Sales Director Designate

    Video Testimonials About Mia’s Speaking

    Short Bio


    Mia Hewett is a successful business owner, an entrepreneur, effectiveness coach, and mentor for over the past 24 years. Her diagnostic ability and coaching acumen allows her clients to get rapidly to the source of the individual and organizational performance issues.

    Mia works with entire organizations, management teams, business owners, and key executives to rewrite their future and elevate performance to unprecedented levels. She is a sought after speaker for top events like The “Women’s Meet Up” and ” Command & Control” and an International Speaker, who has shared the stage with many experts.

    Mia is also the host of “Inside The Minds of Leaders” that airs on BYL’s global online network the Money Channel.

    Mia offers a suite of programs for businesses, professionals, and entrepreneurs to excel in leadership and create powerful, life-changing results.Contact us