Global Leadership

    My mission in life consists of three things…

    1) Take more risks by welcoming opportunities to push myself outside of my comfort zone and continually expand.

    2) To operate on purpose by slowing down to ensure I am self-reflecting and intentional with my results.

    3) To create an impact and leave a legacy that because I was here something was different in this world.

    It is my experience that we change the world by being an example of what we wish to see.

    To lead, we must be willing to go first.
    Why water?

    global leadership 3Over 37 million people die each year from water-borne diseases, that is more than 100,000 people per day.

    Growing up in Venezuela in the 1970’s I was exposed to many people living in situations with no running water or electricity. Although I witnessed it then, I didn’t understand what the impact of that was until I was much older.

    While traveling to Grand Bassa, Liberia in 2014, with a group of transformation leaders, delivering water filtration systems to several areas brought back many memories from childhood and many more questions.

    What is it like not to have access to clean water?

    What is like to be worried about dying or having your children die from drinking contaminated water?

    Imagine what it would be like to spend ½ of your day collecting water from a stream, hauling it back to where you live, collecting firewood, so that you can boil the water in order to drink water that is dirty and warm but is no longer harmful?

    It is easy to take for granted the ease with which we live our lives. We get up in the morning use the bathroom and flush the toilet. We brush our teeth and take a shower without ever worrying about where the water comes from or whether it is safe for use.

    Will you join us?


    Imagine the impact that a single water filtration system could have on someone’s life?

    For $50.00 a water filtration system will provide clean water to a whole village!

    How do I know these water filtration systems work?

    In 2014 while in Liberia, I was able to take part in the delivery, and training, of these amazing systems.

    We were able to show the villagers how their muddy water looked before and how clear it was after it was filtered.

    They were shocked! Many began dancing and celebrating this new found miracle.

    We changed many lives during that trip, and we are committed to changing many, many more because everyone deserves clean water.

    How you can partner with me…

    Join our movement! Our team is one of 100 powerful women leaders teams who have promised to fulfill on supplying 100 people 100 Water Filtration systems before March 22, 2016, World Water Day. Each filter serves 100 people for a total of One Million people reached in 30 days!

    Thank you for joining us in our vision and supporting our mission to have clean water a reality for the lives of many!