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    Entrepreneur Magazine said…




    …in a recent article how the fear of failure can ruin your business and undermine your ability to succeed.  So True!

    How?  The author goes on to explain that by having a fear of failure:

    1. It’s forcing you to play it safe
    2. It’s blocking you off from an abundant path
    3. It’s limiting your chances to scale your business
    4. It’s capping your potential to earn more money
    5. It’s creating an unhealthy force that’s impacting every area of your life

    The Solution? The author (who is a software engineer) advises to associating enough pain with the alternative of what would happen if you don’t take action and achieve your goals.

    Here are my thoughts:

    Consider this question: Isn’t living without what you want already a failure?
    And as someone who used to feel inadequate, and went on to co-own a multimillion-dollar Insurance Company and still felt inadequate I can honestly say the lie is in thinking “If I were just successful, then I would feel good enough. Then I will arrive, right?”


    I have known many successful people who do not feel good enough.

    The truth is those feelings of inadequacies, and not good enough do not go away until we deal with them. I can show you how.
    I always say there is “No Freedom From Only Freedom In” going into what is stopping you.
    The joy, freedom, and fulfillment you are looking will come as result of you deciding to grow bigger than what is stopping you, not before. 

    Lastly, in my direct experience, it is not the fear of failure that stops most of us, it is the shame and guilt that our fear hides. When you complete your feeling of being inadequate from your mind and heal your shame and guilt, then your possibilities are truly limitless!

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    You can read the full article here:

    What are your thoughts? I’m speaking about this on my Facebook Page today (Wednesday) at 12 pm (EST). I’ll be there answering your questions…drop on by so we can chat!

    You are Incredible. It is time to start living it. 

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