Post By Mia Hewett

    Co-creator of the World’s Largest Solo Practitioner of Orthodontics Tracy Kawa

    We know marketing plays a key role in any business, and what is the #1 Reason to Market ourselves?
    Tracy Kawa, President of Kawa Community Partners and Co-creator of the World’s largest solo Orthodontics practitioner, shares her best practices.

    What is your unique message or differentiation?

    It’s all about your team and how you see yourself as an integral part of your team.
    Are you harnessing the strengths of your team?

    What are the key mistakes in branding?
    1) Not knowing exactly what your product or service is?
    2) Not surrounding yourself with the right people and harness their collective skills.
    3) Studying your competition to a fault.

    * Know who you are, What you bring, What your strengths & skills are.

    Do you have a socially conscious mission?

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