Who’s Mia?

    If you are not leading your life, who is?

    Hi, “WHY” are you here today?

    Have you ever met someone who knows “WHY” they are doing what they are doing, whether it is in life or business?

    It’s Powerful, right?

    They are magnetic.

    It’s like they are the hero of their own story.

    Mia Hewett

    So, why am I here?

    “To empower people to their Greatness, and be the leaders of their lives!”

    In my direct experience, the reason a lot of people are struggling with achieving their results is because they cannot see that they are missing one, or more, of the success principles that are found in “The Five Fundamental Mistakes Leaders Make.”

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    “Are you making one of the 5 Fundamental Mistakes Leaders Make?” Get Mia’s free training to be the leader in your own life and achieve extraordinary results.

    How do I know this?

    Because I have made ALL of them, and in working with other leaders, I have found Almost ALL leaders make, one or more of these mistakes.

    These key fundamentals are the access to your success whether you want to be the leader of your own life, your company, your industry, your profession, your family, or even a leader of your country.

    When you can uncover, the key fundamental that is stopping you, and transform it, you have the power to unlock your greatness and be the leader of your life.
    And would you agree, how we lead affects everything?!

    I have a fundamental belief, that I didn’t always believe.

    I believe you can have extraordinary results and be satisfied and fulfilled.

    I believe you can have it all.

    I also know that it will not “just happen” without a solid plan, and committed action.

    I used to co-own a hugely successful Insurance Company for 24 years. At the peak we were writing 450-550 cars a month when most other offices were writing about 100.

    I had the cars, the houses, the horses, the properties, the jewelry, all of what money can buy and yet I still felt like something was missing.

    It was NEVER enough. I was always thinking when I get to the next goal, then I am going to be satisfied and fulfilled. Right?

    I wasn’t.

    There was this feeling of always trying to get somewhere.

    No matter how much success I achieved, I always needed more.

    I felt unworthy of my accomplishments and I was always trying to prove that I was good enough.

    I wasn’t connected to my compelling pervasive “WHY.”

    I thought my purpose was to be safe and secure.

    After many years, I then decided that for me to be truly successful and happy, I would have to go out on my own and create it ALL by myself.
    I was going to prove myself right!

    So I got a divorce, and I gave it all away.

    I gave him the houses, the properties, the cars…

    I thought surely, and then, I would be happy and fulfilled, right?

    No, then I was penniless, miserable, and stressed out and in survival mode.
    For all who have been there, I think you may probably agree, it is the lowest level of living… and, it also gave me access to something.


    I could finally see what I was not seeing.

    Our greatest pain can produce our most fulfilled and satisfying “WHY!.”

    Success is a place to come from, not a destination.

    Success is never achieved alone.

    When we can uncover what key fundamental we are missing, and transform it, we have the power to unlock our greatness and be the leaders of our lives.
    I am excited to share with you “The Top Five Fundamental Mistakes Leaders Make”

    The question is not “Are you committed?” It is, “To what are you committed?”

    Whatever you have been living, whatever you have experienced has been, a result of to what you have been committed. Consider that for a moment. Because you can, then choose to be committed to what you do want.

    Free CD

    “Are you making one of the 5 Fundamental Mistakes Leaders Make?” Get Mia’s free training to be the leader in your own life and achieve extraordinary results.

    In life I have discovered in order to go fast, we first must slow down.

    And we can not get to where we are going without first recognizing where we are?

    And where we are is a gift, that will give us clarity and vision to where we want to go.

    What is challenging you right now?

    If you are ready to make a change right now and are unsure what steps to take or where to begin, then I invite you to apply for a “Fundamental Strategy Session”.

    This is an opportunity to get clarity and understand the best next move right now for you to up level your leadership.

    We’ll contact you within 3 business days to confirm your spot.

    Yours in Success!


    (Mia Hewett)


    “Changing the world one young woman at a time, since 1997” – Jennifer Valoppi


    Rotary International

    If you would like to engage in a conversation for creating more powerful results in your life or business, contact me. I would be honored to speak with you.

    Short Bio

    Mia Hewett is a successful business owner, an entrepreneur, effectiveness coach, and mentor for over the past 24 years. Her diagnostic ability and coaching acumen allows her clients to get rapidly to the source of the individual and organizational performance issues.

    Mia works with entire organizations, management teams, business owners, and key executives to rewrite their future and elevate performance to unprecedented levels. She is a sought after speaker for top events like The “Women’s Meet Up” and ” Command & Control” and an International Speaker, who has shared the stage with many experts.

    Mia is also the host of “Inside The Minds of Leaders” that airs on BYL’s global online network the Money Channel.

    Mia offers a suite of programs for businesses, professionals, and entrepreneurs to excel in leadership and create powerful, life-changing results.


    • Andre Boykin, Managing Partner, Capital iDEA

      " I have had the pleasure of working with Mia on several results-oriented projects. Her ability to develop a strategy and develop winning structures has been the difference in making those projects successful.
      Mia brings a genuine desire to make a difference in people's lives coupled with her tremendous skills as a coach and mentor. I have witnessed and marveled at her ability to produce consistent results for herself and others."

      -Andre Boykin, Managing Partner, Capital iDEA

      Tracy Kawa-5

    • Tom O’Connor, Founder of United Golf Parks

      " Mia Hewett is the kind of person that makes THE difference. Nothing compares to an experienced mind, a trained eye, and laser listening. Currently, I'm building multiple Teams for my Foundation - United Golf Parks. She has helped me stay on track to growing the game of golf around the world. She puts fire into the fire and pours gasoline on the fire. I love it. We get along because I know she's someone I can trust."

      -Tom O'Connor, Founder of United Golf Parks

      Tracy Kawa-5

    • Daniel Martinez- Hixson

      "In the short time that I've been working with Mia, I have seen incredible results in not only the sales of my business but the organization and efficiency of how we run our operations.
      Mia has helped us distinguish areas and opportunities that weren't being maximized as well as helped me distinguish some personal mental roadblocks that kept me from seeing what was possible and available for me to expand my business. In just two weeks of working with Mia, we have managed to produce record sales in one of our programs and have been able to get my team to take on their leadership in taking on more responsibility for the growth and expansion business.
      I highly recommend Mia Hewett to any business owner looking to expand their potential and their profitability."

      -Daniel Martinez- Hixson, CEO, and Chief Program Director Empower

      Tracy Kawa-5