• I help people see what they cannot see to discover their Extreme Confidence and Achieve Extraordinary Results.


    You Speak. I Listen. We Create. You Thrive.

    What if what has been responsible for your success is the very thing that is holding you back?

    I get to the source of why individuals often fail to achieve what matters to them. I introduce you to powerful distinctions that once implemented, lead to effective, highly productive lives and businesses.

    If you would like to engage in a conversation for creating more powerful results in your life or business, contact me. I would be honored to speak with you.

    Recent Episodes

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      4 Questions to Ask Yourself for Greater Clarity To be able to recognize opportunities that would transform my life and results, I first had to learn how my mind worked. If you are at...

    If I started all over again, I’d implement this simple truth…

      The simplest things can make the biggest difference. Sometimes they seem so simple we want to ignore them. Here is the simple truth: Do the hard things first and your life becomes easier. What...

    What Just Happened?

      Have you ever said that?  When you come to a point in your life where something happens, and it interrupts or disrupts you in such a way that you are left wondering what just happened?...

    Corporate Clients


      • Five Stars!

        "Mia I wanted to again commend you on an incredible training! Your seminar was the perfect elixir to propel me to new levels in my game in the world. The information and training was so expertly presented I hope that you give this training again soon and that more can take advantage of this."

        Eric Levitt

        Eric Levitt

      • Five Stars!

        "Mia's warmth, insight and ability to pinpoint the source of issues quickly, intuitively and effectively, define her as an outstanding coach and talk host personality. She cuts to the core of leaders' strengths and weaknesses to move the CEO and team forward towards new accomplishments and organizational goals."

        Tracy Kawa

      • Five Stars!

        Mia Hewett is the kind of person that makes THE difference. Nothing compares to an experienced mind, a trained eye, and laser listening. Currently I'm building multiple Teams for my Foundation - United Golf Parks. She has helped me stay on track to growing the game of golf around the world. She puts fire into the fire and pours gasoline on the fire. I love it. We get along because I know she's someone I can trust.

        Tom O'Connor

      • Five Stars!

        Mia is an amazing, inspirational woman dedicated to making people both happier and more successful. She gets at the core of what has continued to get in our way of achieving this mutual success. During our meeting, it was clear that she fully listened and didn't haphazardly give advice. She asked the right questions to allow me to uncover my challenges which in turn helped me to develop my own strategies. I would recommend her as a leading coach in the industry!"


      • Five Stars!

        "Working with Mia is an extraordinary life experience. She is a powerhouse and she sees greatness in people that they can't see for themselves. Her listening and authentic communication helped me to expand my real estate business in just a few weeks. I came to Mia with what I thought was a big "game in the world"... she made me realize how much bigger my game can be and she continues to be my biggest supporter. Thank you Mia! "

        Kasia Maslanka

      • Five Stars!

        "Mia is a great speaker, she connects with her audience immediately which allows them to have the opportunity for a breakthrough in their lives"

        Roy Assad

        Roy Assad